Rogue Trader: Just Here for the Explosions

Buying Time

  • While waiting to hear back from Winterscale’s Rep, the party starts hunting around for a place to set up an Embassy for the Grimora Dynasty. The first location of sufficient controversy is a grand cathedral, the control of which has been claimed by an assassin cult. After much deliberation and “planning” the property is finally ruled too dangerous and not appropriate for Grimora Dynasty’s identity.
  • Another potential target is a Prison Hab converted to Xenos culture, owned by a dead Dynasty and long since abandoned. Unsure as to whether the plan is to rob the facility or seize it, the party errs on the side of official recognition (in the hopes to secure Grimora’s new home functionally), chasing official channels to purchase the facility.
  • This avenue leads the party to the Black Auction. Under time pressures and unsure of the value of the facility, the party optimistically joins the Auction, hoping to discern the going rate and judge their interest accordingly. Unfortunately the auction works like none they have ever seen before, with bids of strange and obscure nature being judged by unknown criteria. With only one bid allowed the party tries to raise a suitably obscure offer but is unsuccessful.
  • Fortunately, during the auction, Lucius catches the eye of a powerful Rogue Trader, who coincidentally wins the auction. After plumbing the depths of the facility for the wealth rumoured within, the party uses their slight favour and some fairly inconsequential gifts to purchase ownership of the hab.
  • Chalking it up as a win, the party enters the Prison to assess their new home. With the power and atmosphere systems all disabled, the facility is eerie and the party soon identifies tracks that may just belong to Genestealers.



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