Rogue Trader: Just Here for the Explosions

Fight or Flight

  • At great personal risk the party does it’s best to escort the throng of loyal slaves and guards out of the enclosing city. Many more make it out alive than ever hoped for and the party itself emerges whole.
  • While Franklin and Perriman work to harvest some equipment and repair the Gun cutter and Sativa takes his fighter and rushes back to the Mule, the Captain as his coterie discuss the retention of the surviving staff at the dig site. Those willing remain with the promise of continued support, while a few agree to return to the Mule and seek new opportunities.
  • With Sativa back at the helm the Mule itself is just barely avoiding the hostile intentions of a lone Rakgol Raider. As the Captain’s bridge crew break orbit to rendevous, the Mule has to make their interception fast and brief.
  • With the away team just barely back on board and the Rakgol raider lancing shots off the Mule’s hull, Captain Morrinox orders a full speed retreat to Warp translation-safe distance. With Franklin carefully coercing the Cogitator’s spirit, Perriman funneling refined plasma into the engines, Sativa putting his piloting to the test and the rest of the party bracing the crew for a hell of a ride, the Mule peels away at a pace so fast the Raider never manages to lay out a second volley. The Dynasty flagship escapes the system and the Navigator begins the guide through the warp.
  • On return to Footfall the ship begins minor repairs and the party disperses for acquisition and recuperation. Hounded by those wishing to offload the responsibility of the archaelogical site, the Captain proceeds with the party approved plan to legally and rightfully purchase the planet from Winterscale (though not under entirely explicit reasons).
  • The party must wait some time before a Winterscale representative will be able to speak to them.



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