Rogue Trader: Just Here for the Explosions

Paying The Price for Haste

  • Within the belly of their new, potentially xenos-infested home, the party rigs and auspex for detecting moving life and proceed ever further into the facility, that they might restore downed systems. Another quick change in auspex programming allows the party to follow the largely dormant power-mapping to a functional capacitor.
  • Franklin jacks into the capacitor but needs to provide a charge of energy from his own internal capacitor to get the system responsive. Unfortunately Franklin underestimates the need for energy and commits a jolt far more than he is able to provide without severe fatigue. Fainting, Franklin is only able to be roused over 5 minutes later, still dreadfully exhausted. Nevertheless, still jacked in, Franklin is able to produce a map of the facility. Attempting to bypass potential security issues he also tries to change possession rites of the facility to those that recognise Grimora. This task proves too much for Franklin and, failing, he is ejected from the system.
  • With a map to follow and an exhausted party member, the group chooses caution and returns to their landed gun cutter. As the party reach the hanger and enters their craft, a grate bursts open and a Sundowner Genestealer leaps forth. His appearance shocks Franklin unconscious and leaves Morrinox frozen in place with fear. Fortunately, as all party members are within the cutter, Pilot Sativa begins lifting off, tipping forwards to unceremoniously roll the frightened party members to safety. The genestealer, with great agility and largely unfazed by Lucius’ heavy-bolter fire, bounds after the cutter and latches onto the underside of the hull. Insulted at the daring of the xenos beast, Sativa slams the craft back down on the deck, pasting the Genestealer’s purple ichor against both surfaces.
  • The party is able to return to the Mule, the Captain remembering his duties and receiving word that the Winterscale representative waits in one of the less filthy dining halls. While Franklin rests, the remaining party members begin negotiating with Winterscale’s rep. A heated negotiation of sense and deception proceeds, Winterscale’s man suspicious and driven to learn the unspoken interest the party have in the system, while the party valiantly and carefully describes what they can and make their plan both mad an understandable in equal measure.
  • The Winterscale rep has to consult with his lord captain and, after some time and acquisitions later, the word is passed on and the party has purchased a segment of the Egaria System for a contextually humble sum (3pf). With this good news the party is able to commit their full weight to the archaeological dig (4pf), hoping that both costly purchases will be profitable in the future.
  • With new equipment and optimism aplenty the party return to their new shut-down prison home, using the map and auspexes to find the core cogitator for the facility. As they near their goal, a group of life forms begins to surround them. Brazen and unbound, the party prepare a defensive position and gird themselves for battle.



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