Rogue Trader: Just Here for the Explosions

The Dig

  • Crew puts in at Port Wander, after a disastrous voyage through the warp from the Grimora Subsector.
  • Crew kills some time while repairs and refit are completed to go shopping, while Knack tries to suborn rumours from the local underworld by dropping the name of one of his peers, learning little except for the location of a place in the under-station that engages in gladiatorial combat against xeno beasts.
  • Repairs completed, the ship sets out for Footfall, trusting to the Navigator’s few remaining maps to see them through the Maw.
  • Journey takes some time longer than anticipated, with several of the elite crew suffering from a malaise of the soul for much of the trip.
  • Regardless, the ship arrives at Footfall in one piece. Eager to investigate the dig site at Egaria Omega, they set out again almost immediately, stopping only to acquire a supply of photo-visors and a targeting monocle from an artisan specialising in optics.
  • Another trip through the Warp, of little note save for the Navigator apparently drawing the interest of something possessing an interest in puzzles and challenges.
  • Crew arrives at the dig site, and discovers that Egaria Omega is surrounded by dozens of moons which would make bringing the Omnissiah’s Burden into close orbit almost impossible. The crew elected to mask the Burden as a hulked vessel in the debris field of one of the destroyed moons, proceeding onwards via Gun-cutter and Sativa’s personal Thunderbolt.
  • Crew lands and introduces themselves to the guards, who decide to fetch Overseer Leerus, chief of the dig site. Leerus is less than pleased about intruders on his dig, and is even less so when it’s revealed that the intruders are his new bosses.
  • Leerus shows the crew around the dig, then steers them into his offices to keep them out of the way. He proceeds to describe the dig site in more detail to Knack, the nameless Navigator and Sativa, while Lucius and Franklin remain outside and socialise with the guards.
  • Both groups rapidly realise that not everything is as happy as Leerus is pretending.
  • Franklin’s group decide to explore one of the dig sites, and encounter a bookish adept attempting to hide crystals from being discovered. Charming her with his mastery of techno-lingua and moustache, Franklin quickly gains her trust and promises to dispose of the crystals for her without allowing them to return to the Kasballica Mission.
  • Lucius, to his credit, begins gaining information from his guard escort with high-grade amasec and wild stories about the time he fought a lictor on top of a heirophant.
  • Other shit happens I can’t remember. The workers pass Franklin a note, warning him in crude low-gothic that the overseer is possessed and has been killing workers for their life-force.
  • The Explorers resolve to acquire the crystals hidden in one of the worksites by offering everyone a brief respite and a crate of the ship’s finest amasec.
  • This plan is met with mixed success, up until the point where the perimeter guns begin firing wildly into the encroaching darkness and the defence field flares into light as hordes of alien monsters begin slamming themselves into it…
  • Workers and guards begin falling back towards the maze cities, while the Explorers split up, Sativa and Lucious headed for their ships, the others doing whatever they did.
  • Lucius and Sativa start dogfighting in the air with a horde of alien attack craft, taking any chance they can to lay down covering fire for those still on the ground.
  • The navigator attempted to overload the fences, but was repelled by the hundreds of creatures heedlessly climbing over the electrified stakes.
  • Knack rallies most of the living workers behind him, forming a more ordered retreat towards the city under cover of the guards.
  • Franklin realised he couldn’t pilot a sentinel worth a damn, but promethium barrels made for highly effective area-denial weapons when spread over the ground and set alight.
  • Lucius was forced to ground his vessel after a devestating fusillade from the ground caused him to lose control, narrowly managing to land the ship near the entrance to the Maze City.
  • Facing almost insurmountable odds, the Explorers (With the exception of Sativa in his Thunderbolt) are forced to retreat into the alien city, constructing hasty barricades between them and the alien horde…



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