Rogue Trader: Just Here for the Explosions

Xenos Interaction

  • Party preps for Combat while Franklin inspects the generator room door and Perriman attempts to repair a bolter-armed servitor husk. Sativa spies ventilation grates on the upper walls and is wary.
  • Spotting an emergency release catch on the wall, Franklin sets to the task of activating it at haste so that the party can retreat within.
  • The first Genestealer appears down a corridor before Victris. It closes but falls short of striking. Victris fires and misses with his Hellgun. A second Genestealer charges Lucius who deftly dodges. Stepping forward, Sativa blasts the target attacking Victris with bolts from a shotgun. The genestealer is paste. Lucius swings and misses against his opponent.
  • Lucius gain dodges the claws of the creature while Genestealers 3 an 4 burst from the walls and prepare to attack. Genestealer 5 charges at Morrinox who fails to spray the target and dodge its claws, being mauled brutally but committing to the combat. Sativa blasts at the newly arrived Genestealer 4 but lightly wounds it. Victris misses his shots again while Lucius lands an ineffectual blow. Morrinox raises his power sword but just doesn’t land it.
  • Genestealer 2 and Lucius is clawed by his foe, Genestealer 3 closes with Victris but misses. Genestealer 4 lands a charge with Sativa who is seriously wounded. Genestealer 5 tears open Morrinox’ chest but his suit’s emergency void seal closes him up, barely surviving and slipping out of conciousness.
  • Franklin finishes his task and raises his trusty Bessie to the Genestealer attacking Sativa. He fires a shot that he swears was true but the Genestealer is simply too fast. Sativa takes his sword to the foe, taking two arms and felling it with a lucky strike. Lucius takes another swing but is unsuccessful. Victris, unafraid plunges a fist beneath Genestealer 3’s ribcage and melts it away with a digimelta ring. Morrinox, more dead than alive, slides his power sword towards Lucius.
  • Genestealer 2 is again foiled by Lucius’ haste. Genestealer 5 dives past late fire from Perriman as he wears a servitor suit, and charges Victris whose flaring shield saves his skin. Lucius, skillfully snatching the powersword, pairs it with his monoblade and cleaves the genestealer from shoulder to opposite hip. Victris, in desperation, opens his eye to his foe, nearly destroying it. Perriman continues strafing and finds his mark, narrowly stopping before Victris and ending the Genestealer’s bloody assault.
  • Perriman hefts open the reactor room doors and the party moves within. Franklin turns the power back on and interfaces with nearby systems and reactivates lighting, doors, life support systems and clears Grimora signatures with defensive signatures. Finally emergency medical efforts are performed.
  • The party departs their new home for needed recovery, gathering new supplies and purchasing a celebratory light cruiser at great expense.



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