Broad Bladed "Grox" Spear

Polearm with a broad headed blade of what appears to be oxidized bronze



2 Handed Great Spear of unknown origin. Carried by Perriman Smythe.

Class Damage Type Pen
Melee 2D10 Rending 4

Special Rules
Best Quality


That bloody great spear of his? Damned if I know where it came from! He’s saved my life with the great big thing on numerous occasions.
The haft is silky smooth, all roughness worn down from who knows how many years of use, ending in a sharpened spike at the base as if it is meant to be dug into the ground to stop a charge.
The head of the bloody thing is downright savage, a full handspan across and made of what I originally thought was pitted bronze. However, the damned thing is sharper than a razor and I’ve seen it go through the side of a bloody Rhino tank!
I named it the Grox spear after I watched him down a feral grox at full charge! Stopped it dead in its tracks! Damn near flipped the beast over his head from the momentum, frightfully strong that lad.

I tried to study it once, but Perriman grew rather possessive, growling and spitting and such. Terrible manners. I suppose he has earned a few secrets, his deadly toy isn’t the only one I am sure!

Broad Bladed "Grox" Spear

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