Dread Armour

Powerful chaotic armour only tamable by the most pure


Armour: 5 All


The armour worn by Lucius. It’s origins are vague, but stories are told (by Lucius only, and in their usual fashion) that it was once the personal armour of an extremely powerful Chaos Space Marine Renegade. The legend goes that Lucius himself defeated the Marine with his bare hands, claiming the armour as his own, and personally sealing the Greater Daemon bound within away. It is an eternal struggle for him to keep the daemon at bay, but it is a fight that he gladly puts up for the sake of humanity, even if it costs him is life.

People who have listened to this great tale have started to notice some flaws with it, the key ones being:

  • The armour carries markings of standard Imperial issue mass production
  • Chaos Space Marines don’t generally wear human size Carapace

Dread Armour

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