Hollow Atlas


When held in the palm of the Footfallen xenoarcheologist Zpha, a series of glowing blue spheres and lines in glowing blue energy erupted to fill the chamber she was standing in; comparing this data to star-charts of the area revealed it as an accurate map of the Egaria Omega subsector. As yet, nobody has determined what triggered the effect, or how to replicate it.


The Hollow Atlas is relic of the Egarian Dominion, recovered from a Maze City located on Egaria Omega. Slightly too large to hold comfortably in one’s palm, the artefact appears to be a series of crystalline spheres nested inside one another, covered in a coating of brass etched with intricate designs. As yet no purpose to the device has been determined, though rumours speak of similar discoveries containing vast maps of the Koronus Expanse, if only it could be unlocked…

Hollow Atlas

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