Ol' Bessie

Ancient and faithful breach loading rifle with underslung web snare.

weapon (ranged)


Class Damage Type Pen Range ROF Clip Rld
Basic 2D10 Impact 5 150m S/-/- 3 3

Special Rules
Overloaded Frame(Must be braced before firing),
Homemade Rounds(-2 Damage and Unreliable if proper ammo can’t be found).
Sportsman Rifle(Cannot attach any kind of weapon sight).

Web Attachment

Class Damage Type Pen Range ROF Clip Rld
Combi X X 0 50m S/-/- 1 1

Special Rules
Overloaded Frame(Must be braced before firing),


Ol’ Bessie? Why! She is a fine weapon that has never let me down! HAHA!

She started out in life as a locally made Snipers Rifle, handed down through the generations of my family. Jolly Dishonourable weapon, if you ask me! All the fancy sights and such, as well as damned foreign materials used in it.
Step one was to bin the sights and silencer, a man needs to know who is shooting at him.
I then had the boffins in the tech department get rid of that plasteel frame and replace it with some good, honest, Masurian Ironwood. Harder than steel and most importantly, produced right here on Masuria.
The next step was to give her a bit of locally produced stopping power, the tech boffins discarded the pitiful .54 inch calibre barrel, this worked fine on the run of the mill peasantry downhive, but struggled with the larger and more armoured inhabitants. The boffins gave her a proper calibre, a full .98 job, and modified some heavy bolter rounds to suit. None of those improper explosions however, a good old fashioned solid slug does the trick.
Further testing proved Ol’ Bessie to be slight overkill in the underhive, but particularly good against the upper hivers who venture down for a jaunt with automatic weapons, powered armour and the like. They sure got a surprise when they came across me I tell you!
Father was a little upset about me killing the sons and daughters of our friends and neighbours, but their behaviour left me no doubt that they were as dishonourable as the underhivers.
As a concession however, I had the boffins knock up an underslung web rifle so I could take them down non-lethally. He didn’t specify what I had to do following their capture, so I had a pair of flintlock duelling pistols made, stripped them of their armour and challenged them to a fair and gentlemanly duel. The numbers of noble Scions continued to dwindle.

It was shortly after this that Father decided I was too unruly and needed a steady hand. Setting our chief enginseer upon me.
I have carried this faithful beast through hell and back, helping extremely with large creatures that required up close research.

Ol' Bessie

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