Omnissiah's Burden


Class: Transport Hull: Goliath Factory-Ship
Space (Unused) 40 (0) Power(Unused) 54 (1) Speed: 5
Manoeuvrability: 0 Detection: +14 Turret Rating: 1
Shields: 1 Armour: 2 Hull Integrity: 48

Essential Components

Component Name Additional Effects
Mezoa-Pattern Theta-7 Drive If a “Thrusters Damaged” or “Engines Crippled” critical hit is received, the severity roll will always be 10.
Emergency Field If the ship unexpectedly drops into the warp, it activates automatically on a 3+.
Smuggler’s Bridge When working towards a Criminal objective, the Explorers earn an additional 50 Achievement points towards completing that objective.
Repulsor Shield Ship does not suffer maneuver penalties when travelling through astral phenomena.
X-470 Ultimo Array +15 to detect vessels on Silent Running when using Active Augury. Vessels targeting a ship equipped with this component gain +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire their weapons.
Pressed-Crew Quarters Decrease Morale permanently by 2.
Mark 1.r Life Sustainer Increase all Morale loss by 1.
Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Gellar Field

h2.Supplemental Components

Component Name Additional Effects
Chameleonic Hull A Difficult (–10) Tech-Use Test causes the vessel’s hull to change colours. Additionally, the hull may be programmed to include markings with its change. This enables the vessel to also change any registry markings, names, or distinctive patterns at the same time. Programming an additional pattern
into the Component is a Hard (–20) Tech-Use Test.
Gravity Sails
Hold Landing Bay Attack craft launched from a Hold Landing Bay reduce their movement on the turn launched by –2 VU. Craft attempting to land in a Hold Landing Bay must pass an Ordinary (+10) Piloting+Manoeuvrability Test to land safely (squadrons should make one test per squadron). Success means they land safely. Three degrees of failure or less means they veered off to make another attempt. Failure by four or more degrees indicates that the craft has crashed into the bay (or one craft for every degree of failure, in the case of squadrons). The Component is immediately considered Damaged.
Broadband Hymn Caster All other ships must make -10 Tech-Use to communicate while within 30 V.U.. When activated, can gain +10 on all Intimidate Tests with ships in 30 V.U.s.

Ship History/Machine Spirit Oddities

Resolute +10 to Repair tests for this vessel.
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Mask 3 Components from being accurately identified by focused auguries.


Type Location Power Space Strength Damage Critical Range
Sunsear Laser Battery Dorsal 6 4 4 1d10+2 4 9
Jovian Missile Battery Port 3 1 5 1d10+1 6 6
Jovian Missile Battery Starboard 3 1 5 1d10+1 6 6


(Rewrite this, it’s pretty terrible as-is.)

Constructed in (year) on the Forge-world (Somewhere), the Omnissiah’s Burden was designed as a blockade-runner, intended to use a complex series of energy baffles and resonators to mask certain components (Typically the weapons) from auguries by hostile forces in order draw closer, then unleash a fusillade of fire and escape in the confusion. Despite the low thruster output and temperamental nature of the Theta-7 Drive, its compatibility with an ancient pattern of turbo-charger meant that raw energy from the plasma scoops could be poured directly into the engines, providing for colossal increases in speed at the hands of a talented Magos. The Omnissiah’s Burden was able to use these modifications to great effect in several major conflicts throughout Segmentum Obscurum, delivering crucial supplies to beleaguered Imperial forces.

According to proscribed texts in the ship’s Maintenance Vaults, the ship fell into the hands of radical Mechanicus enginseers in mid (year), who enhanced the vessel’s performance with curved spines of bone and crystal that enabled the manipulation of gravitic leylines, pushing and pulling the ship through space with speed and grace that belied its original nature. A coating of reactive cameleoline enabled rapid colour changes in place of the traditional rust-red of Mechanicus vessels, presumably in order to aid the ship in blending in on more clandestine missions.

The Mule, as Franklin Payne insists on calling it, has only recently joined the Grimora Dynasty’s fleet. Although technically stolen from the Adeptus Mechanicus, the vessel has been unofficially ceded to Knack and his crew, the circumstances of which are kept under tight seal.

Omnissiah's Burden

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